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Cady is a smart wrist cuff that collects blood pressure, cardiogram(EKG), and heart sound data to assist remote patient monitoring of cardiovascular disease.

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Research summary

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/How to use Cady/

Put it on your wrist and lightly hold it against your heart with your other hand on top.

/What does Cady do/
Cady will simultaneously collect data from your heart including blood pressure, dual electrocardiogram, and S3 heart sounds in 2 minutes.

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Blood pressure monitor

High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease and strokes and can be symptomless (1/3 of Americans have high blood pressure).   

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An electrocardiogram(EKG or ECG) is a recording of the heart’s electrical activity.

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Digital Stethoscope

Cady collects heart sound at one primary location (S3) during testing. It will amplify and optimize the sound quality for AI analysis and share it with your health provider. 

Cady app

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Design Process