We are developing a comprehensive awareness campaign to boost knowledge and calls-to-action to address the prevention of cancers associated with HPV, targeting youth demographics in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

This is a team project sponsored by Cedars-Sinai.

A nonprofit hospital in Los Angles. Team members:

Audrey Murty (illustration)

Linley Regalado (graphic design)

Sarah Armarken (graphic design)

Yin Wang (product design)


We designed a care pack for participating community centers and event hosts to spread the words of self-love along with some life essentials for people in need.  

Community Centers across the country can prepare this pack by simply wrapping the pre-made tags around essential items they can achieve locally. No costly customized and shipping needed.

Care Pack with Essential Items 

Size: 9"*11"* 3"

Essential items: Water Bottle/ T-shirt/

Energy Bars / Condoms / Hand Sanitizer.

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