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PINT is a 4-week personal project 


I love cooking, and I collect recipes from various sources, including books, apps, blogs, etc. While preparing ingredients, I always find it necessary to grab my laptop or cellphone onto the kitchen counter and search things such like "1 cup of almond = ? grams" "200 ml milk=? oz" to make sense out of different units, with sticky fingers.
Recipe creators use diverse measuring units and tools depending on which countries they come from and their personal preferences. Initially, I attempted to solve the unit conversion hassle while cooking. After laying out the entire journey of recipe-based cooking, I found an exciting opportunity that could potentially streamline the overall experience, from collecting inspirational recipes to cooking with guidance. 
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PINT is an intelligent kitchen scale that goes beyond portioning ingredients. It can guide you step by step while cooking, time the critical process, and present your favorite recipe with just a click. 

PINT kitchen scale comes with a companion app that helps you gather inspirations, collect and optimize recipes, and sync your favorite items. 

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Rotatable top
Grab it for a quick measure, just like using your old kitchen scale; Rotate it to reveal the bigger screen for cooking something exciting. 
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Guided cooking made easy

PINT has a 2x5 inch display that can scroll the recipe steps back and forth, so you don't need to go back to your recipe book while mixing flours. 
It's ok to get PINT messy because cleaning is easy!

The whole unit is waterproof. Plus, the weighing top can be easily removed and tossed into a dishwasher.
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Favorite recipe
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kitchen timer 

Designed with the ultimate cooking experience in mind

Skip the line. The shortcut buttons on the side allow you to access the most frequently used functions quickly. 

Storage is a charm

Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen counter with PINT's dock. It charges and stores PINT vertically. 
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Collect your cooking inspirations,

from anywhere 

Import any recipes you like to the PINT app. No matter they are from a blog, an app, or grandma's cookbook, the PINT app helps you collect and organize recipes with ease. 

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Automatically optimizable

+ free to adjust 

Based on your preference, the PINT app can automatically transfer the measuring unit into the ones you like. You no longer need to figure out how 1 pint of blueberry equals how many grams. Additionally, you always have the freedom to adjust ingredients and quantities after importing recipes.

Meal planning was never this easy 

Get inspirations from PINT's daily feed, search recipes from the community, and add recipes to your schedule! Your meal planings will automatically sync with the PINT kitchen scale!  

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Design Process

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